JoHanna Cox for New Mexico Secretary of State

JoHanna Cox








As a tireless advocate for the law, I am prepared to take my prosecutorial experience to the Secretary of State's office to take politics out of the decision-making process. 

My name is JoHanna Cox and I am running to be your next New Mexico Secretary of State.

I am running because I love the state of New Mexico and want to make sure our future is brighter than our past. I believe we need strong, principled leaders who will put PEOPLE first - not politics - to make sure that happens.

I am a single mother, an athlete and a lawyer. I am the daughter of a veteran, and a granddaughter of two veterans.

I run my own private practice so I know what it takes to run a successful business and help my clients do the same.

The Secretary of State is charged with three core areas of responsibility:

  • First, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of our elections,
  • Second, overseeing accountability in our campaign finance system, and
  • Third, making sure there is transparency in our government processes so New Mexico businesses have the tools they need to thrive and grow.

I believe every eligible voter in New Mexico should participate in our elections. To do so they need to know who and what is on the ballot, and how, when and where to vote. They also need to have confidence in the process to know their vote will be counted.

Our state cannot succeed if our citizens are on the sidelines not participating in our elections and not holding officeholders accountable.

I have worked tirelessly as a volunteer, doing everything from serving as a voter registrar to being a poll watcher, and know our our system needs work. We have to restore integrity and confidence in the process.

And, that has to start with ensuring that campaign finance laws are applied evenly and consistently, without regard for Party. Voters will not have confidence in a system that does not hold candidates accountable for who funds their campaigns and how those funds are spent.

I’m not a career politician. I am running for office because I see a system that can be better, more inclusive and more responsive to the needs of voters.

And, when it comes to supporting economic growth, the third main role of the Secretary of State, my experience as a small business attorney has helped prepare me for this role.

In order to get our economy growing again we need to streamline business processes and make it simple and transparent for people to do business in New Mexico. The current processes and regulations are cumbersome and bureaucratic, and they stifle innovation and creativity.

As a small business attorney I have helped hundreds of clients navigate through business and legal processes. I know what works and what doesn’t, and want to bring my practical on-the-job experiences to bear for the people of New Mexico.

New Mexico needs new leadership. We need statewide elected officials who have practical experiences they can apply to the job at hand. And we need people committed to putting all New Mexicans first — not any political party or personal political ambitions.

Join me today.

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